Jacksonville Market Stats April 2023

Welcome to our video discussing the Jacksonville Market Stats April 2023. Kevin from Staged to Sell Realty here. Let’s dive right in.

The median sales price for homes in North East Florida in April 2023 was $368,495. This marks a 2.4% increase from March 2023. However, it is a 2.2% decrease from the same time last year. The average days on market was 37, down 7.5% from March 2023. There are currently 4,946 active single-family homes for sale in the region. And the months supply of inventory is 2.8, which is a 35% increase from March 2023.

So, what do these stats mean for those looking to buy or sell a home in North East Florida?

Well, for sellers, the increase in median sales price is a positive sign. It shows that the market is continuing to trend upwards, even if at a slower pace compared to previous years. The decrease in average days on market is also a good sign, indicating that homes are selling faster.

However, the increase in months supply of inventory could suggest that the market may be shifting towards a more balanced state between buyers and sellers. This could mean that sellers may face more competition and need to adjust their expectations accordingly.

For buyers, the median sales price increase may be discouraging, but the decrease in days on market means that there may still be opportunities to find a home before it’s off the market. Additionally, the increase in months supply of inventory could mean that there is a wider range of homes available to choose from.

Overall, the Jacksonville Market Stats April 2023 remain strong and continues to be a desirable location for both buyers and sellers. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important to keep these latest stats in mind and work with a trusted real estate agent to make the most informed decisions.

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